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SyncStudio was created to help software developers save money and make money.  Its purpose is to fill the need for “database on device with sync” functionality in mobile app projects.  SyncStudio will cut hundreds of hours of time and costs out of your mobile app development efforts (i.e.: save money and make money).  These savings add up quickly and can be significant; especially if working with a database of dozens of tables and thousands of records.

If you are creating mobile apps that need to work off-line using data stored in a local database then you need SyncStudio.  SyncStudio is a dramatically better solution than anything that can be custom built and significantly less costly. In fact, customers have reported that SyncStudio let’s them accomplish in one hour what otherwise would take them weeks or months to achieve.

Best of all SyncStudio works with the SQLite database app already on your device.  This means you don’t have to install anything extra or pay additional license fees for some add-on proprietary database.  We work with SQLite and we take care of everything to get it synchronizing with SQL Server.  The same SQL Server already being used by millions of users worldwide for reliable and robust database management.  We also provide all the functionality need to keep track of server side changes to data or schema and the propagation of these to the mobile users.

Whether you are a mobile app developer, systems integrator, software distributor or affiliate our Partner program lets you leverage the power of SyncStudio into new business opportunities and additional revenue streams.  Incorporate SyncStudio into you mobile app development and start building better solutions today.

To learn more about Sync Studio please visit our What-is-SyncStudio page.

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