The SyncStudio IDE

The SyncStudio IDE is a development environment where the developer can specify and maintain every aspect of the Sync Configuration for multiple database projects. Learn More

Full Data Synchronization

SyncStudio is a full bi-directional Synchronization product—as opposed to simple data replication solutions, only new and altered records are exchanged between the client and the server so as to maintain both databases in sync. Your application has full control over which records have changed on both the client and server. Learn More

Custom Schema Configuration

SyncStudio allows you to control every aspect of the Sync process—for every database you create a Sync Project to define which tables, fields and indexes are being synchronized.

Automatic Client Configuration

SyncStudio requires minimal client-side configuration. All your client has to do to get started is to install the SyncStudio client-side mobile app and create a new Sync Profile with the URL of your server and their User Id and Password. The first time they synchronize SyncStudio will download the Database Schema from the server and create the client-side database, complete with all the tables, fields and indexes that you defined in your synchronization project. Alternatively, we also provide client-side libraries for the Android and Windows Phone 8 (iOS and more Windows platforms coming soon) that allow you to incorporate the entire database synchronization process as an integral part of your mobile application, with your own user interface and styles. Learn More

Data Filtering

SyncStudio supports filtering of the records that are sent to the client on a table-by-table basis. You can define your own filtering codes to control which records are sent to the client.

For example, you can use the filtering mechanism to implement a system in which the clients receive only database records filtered by region or define custom filtering groups based on the client’s role. Learn More

Schema Synchronization

SyncStudio supports Database Schema Synchronization out of the box. Any changes that you make to the database structures will be automatically propagated to all the clients the next time they synchronize.

Database Schema changes that do not break the synchronization—adding new tables or fields, for example—are handled transparently. This feature alone will substantially lower the maintenance and upgrade effort required to support your mobile application. Learn More

Batching Support

SyncStudio has full support for batching—sending and receiving data in small chunks. Large databases are never uploaded or downloaded as a whole, which would blow-up the client if the memory limits were to be exceeded.
With SyncStudio you are limited by the client’s disk storage capacity, not the RAM. Learn More


SyncStudio always encrypts the User ID and Password information used during the synchronization process using AES. To encrypt actual table data as it travels across the Internet we support using HTTPS. We strongly recommend that all production installations of SyncStudio use an SSL certificate issued by a recognized authority. For security reasons self-signed SSL certificates are not supported.

Database Provisioning

SyncStudio allows you to manage the provisioning and deprovisioning your databases right from within the Studio. Learn More

Code Generation

SyncStudio will automatically generate and compile the code for a custom WPF Web Service, based on your Sync configuration. Once the Web Service code is generated all you have to do is deploy it to the server machine. With SyncStudio your server-side synchronization coding effort is exactly zero. Learn More

Automated Deployment

SyncStudio has an automated deployment feature to move the code and configure your Web Service code to run under IIS. Learn More

Transactional Support

SyncStudio has full transactional support at the Sync session level—all your changes will be applied under a single transaction, which will either succeed or fail.
Please note that the standard Microsoft Sync Framework has transactional support only at the batch level, which can leave your database in an inconsistent state if some batches are applied but not others.

Full Logging

SyncStudio has a full synchronization logging feature, both at the client and the server.