SyncStudio Licensing


This is the core of the SyncStudio solution.

  • SyncStudio Sync Management Console – Server side core of our solution.
    • Handles automated database provisioning
    • Code Gen
    • Deployment of Sync Web Service components to IIS
  • SyncStudio Universal Sync Client API for all supported platforms – i.e. Android Java, B4A, Windows, UWP, Windows Mobile and Xamarin (Android/iOS).  Both SQLite and MS SQL including SQL LocalDB
  • SyncStudio Sync Service Provider Web Services
  • Synchronization for up to 3 mobile devices (testing use only)
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of SyncStudio sync projects
  • All updates and hotfixes for the current release and future releases
  • All major upgrades (i.e. new sync clients)
  • Free support via email


This license option gives mobile solution developers freedom from having to purchase production licenses for each implementation of SyncStudio.  There are different tiers of royalty free licenses. For prices and additional information please email


This is the license needed for production implementations of mobile and other applications that incorporate the SyncStudio database synchronization code/class libraries.  This license is machine specific and can be flexibly configured by device platforms supported, number of databases, server instances and number of sync users.  The Production License includes 1 year of updates.

For prices and additional information please email

License Term and Conditions:

The SyncStudio solution has different types of licenses – Community/Free, Subscription, Perpetual and Royalty Free.  For paid licenses access to updates and fixes in included at no charge for the first 12 months.  Continued access to updates and fixes is included with subscription/license renewal.

All licenses include unlimited access to basic support via email.

Basic Support:

HandApps provides limited free support for SyncStudio via email.  Send support issue emails to

Premium Support:

In addition to the free support options explained above we offer premium support, consulting and development services for customers who either need immediate help or have special requirements.  For more information please visit our Premium Support page.