Full Data Synchronization

If you have a large server database, as it is generally the case with CRM and ERP products then a replication-only solution that forces you to re-send the entire database to every client every time they synchronize will not be feasible for most applications. For one thing, your connection charges will be enormously expensive. Additionally, the bandwidth usage of your server will be the size of the database times the number of synchronization sessions, which if you have many clients could be very substantial. To make things worse, any client device that synchronizes over the phone network would incur very high data download costs.

What is required for most synchronization scenarios is an architecture in which only the new and altered records are exchanged. Once the client device has synchronized for the first time (which will result in a full download of all the data that has been marked for download to that client group) from there on only new records, updated records and instructions to delete old records need to be exchanged.

SyncStudio is a full bi-directional Synchronization product, as opposed to the simpler (but much less useful) data replication solutions.

In SyncStudio only new and altered records are exchanged between the client and the server, so as to maintain both databases in sync.

Your application has full control over which records have changed on both the client and server, as well as full control over which records need to be exchanged using our Data Filtering capabilities