SyncStudio Features

SyncStudio allows developers to create and configure a complete Database Synchronization System between mobile clients (Android, iPhone/iPad or Windows Phone) and Database Server products like MS SQL Server.

SyncStudio leverages the Microsoft Sync Framework(TM) while adding a developer-friendly Configuration, Database Provisioning, Deployment and Management environment that minimizes the time-to-market for mobile applications and reduces the risk of database synchronization problems that is always present in home-built synchronization code.

Using the SyncStudio a developer can create and deploy a complete mobile database synchronization solution with minimal effort. With SyncStudio you can concentrate on crafting your mobile application code and leave the database synchronization problem to us.

The SyncStudio IDE

An easy to use development environment where you can define and configure every aspect of your synchronization project … read more

The Database Provisioning Process

Provisioning is the process of preparing a database for synchronization. Basically, every database that is to be synchronized needs to have a number of triggers and stored procedures created  … read more

Filtering Data

A synchronization system with a substantial amount of data, such as a CRM or ERP system, will only be usable if you are able to filter the data that is to be sent to the clients  … read more

Automated Sync Server Deployment

SyncStudio has a feature that allows you to deploy your synchronization code to an IIS server  …read more

The Standard SyncStudio Android Client

SyncStudio comes with a standard Android Client that your customers can download and install from Google Play or from your own website. We provide the full source code for the client so that you can customize the look and feel to match your products  … read more

Database Sync Configuration

SyncStudio has a feature that allows you to select which tables and fields will be synchronized. This information is saved into your Sync Project file  … read more

SyncStudio Projects

A SyncStudio project defines the tables, fields and indexes that are to be synchronized between your Database Server and your mobile clients   … read more

Automatic Code Generation

SyncStudio will automatically generate a complete server-side synchronization system customized for your specific database structures—no code to edit or even compile.  … read more

Automated Client-Side Database Deployment

Deploying your client-side database to thousands of devices is perhaps one of the hardest and most trouble-prone aspects of mobile development  … read more

Automatic Schema Synchronization

SyncStudio has a fully automated Database Schema Synchronization feature. Any changes that you make to the server’s database structures will be propagated to the clients the next time that they synchronize their devices  … read more